Vacations are the best. Paying for vacations – not so much.You want to enjoy your vacation, not worry about every nickel and dime you’re spending. You also don’t want to go all out on vacation to come home and eat ramen noodles for 6 months to pay off the credit card bills.

6 Cruise Budget Tips



1. Know your budget

A good rule of thumb is to plan on spending 8% of your yearly budget on “fun” travel. If you love traveling, you can adjust this number by cutting other areas of your budget. As much as we’d love to spend all of our money on traveling and seeing the world, for most of us that’s not practical or possible. Know where you want to go and do the research. If you want to spend a week in Europe, you’re gonna need a bigger budget. If you’re spending a week at the beach with family and friends, your budget will be much smaller.FAS SEA EDIT 

2. Allow for all your expenses

Most people plan for the big ticket items – the plane tickets, hotels, cruise fares – but they forget the smaller items: food, drinks, souvenirs, transportation, activities and even emergencies. To allow for it all, look at 3 separate things: where you’re going, how you’re getting there and what you’re doing there. A few years ago, my friend and I found super-duper low fares for a cruise out of Miami during early February. When I say low, I mean about $30 a day low. Before we booked the fare though, we checked into plane tickets. Those were almost $1,000 round trip because the Super Bowl was being held in Miami the SAME weekend. So, while the fare seemed like a no-brainer, we couldn’t afford the plane tickets to get there. 10847768_10153102685165513_9068158008742531646_n

3. Plan Early and Know when 

The earlier you start planning your trip, the earlier you can book it, which usually means cost savings for you. With the exception of amazing last-minute deals, planning ahead saves you the most money. It’s also good

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