Over the years cruise ships have slowly morphed from floating hotels to all out entertainment districts. Waterparks.
Here are some of the coolest waterparks at sea (or coming soon).

1. MSC Cruises

photo credit: MSC

photo credit: MSC

The MSC Seaside is going to boast an entire water park, called the Aqua Park, which will be two decks tall.  It will include an adventure trail, (which remains to be seen exactly what that will entail!) and four different slides.  There is a first on this ship as well – it’ll be the first ship to feature slideboarding technology, combining a water slide with an interactive game.  The slides will go out over both the port and starboard sides of the ship, and the Aqua Park will also include splash zones and water spouts.
MSC Seaside will be based in Miami starting late 2017.

2. Carnival

photo credit: flickr

Carnival’s Waterworks. photo credit: flickr

Carnival is no stranger to action-packed fun, and one of the most iconic ways is in their water slides and waterparks.  Many of their ships, including upcoming Carnival Vista, feature WaterWorks, their onboard waterpark.
There’s the Twister Waterslide, which is hundreds of feet long and one of the fastest and wettest waterslides you can find.  Speedway Splash is full of racing action and cool lighting effects.  WaterWorks also includes the DrainPipe, which is an enclosed slide that ends in a funnel that swirls you around like you’re going down a drain.  The PowerDrencher dumps water on you and soaks you to the core; it’s not for people that don’t enjoy being drenched!  WaterWorks also includes plenty of water spouts and other ways to cool off, so it’s perfect for everyone.

3. Royal Caribbean

photo credit: Royal Caribbean
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