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The stunning island of Nevis is a dream destination for Caribbean cruise passengers. Upscale cruise lines such as SeaDream Yacht Club, Windstar Cruises and Ponant Yacht Cruises bring their guests directly to Nevis to enjoy its unspoiled beauty and picturesque charms. Other vacationers come from St. Kitts to enjoy the island for the day.
Passengers on larger ships calling on St. Kitts often take a catamaran cruise shore excursion or a 45-minute public ferry ride over to Nevis. Ferries are inexpensive and run frequently throughout the day. Larger groups and those who want to get to Nevis fast sometimes take a quick water taxi from St. Kitts to Oualie Beach. No matter how it’s done, visiting Nevis by boat is a highlight of any trip.
Nevis is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Because the island is relatively undeveloped, its splendor has been well preserved. There are no crowds on Nevis, and the pace of life is relaxed and unrushed. People are very warm and welcoming here.
While Nevis is home to a number of spectacular beaches, the allure of this island stretches well beyond its golden strands. It’s well worth taking an island tour to explore some of the island’s must-see spots. Here are five great things to do on Nevis:

1. Explore the Island’s History

Historic Cottle Church

Historic Cottle Church

Nevis is filled with history, so one could easily spend an entire day sightseeing. Some of the highlights include the Museum of Nevis History – also the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton, as well as the island’s many beautifully restored plantation inns. Cruise passengers arriving in Nevis enjoy strolling along the streets of Charlestown, the island’s capital – taking in its colonial charm, shops, and 18th and 19th century Georgian-style buildings. Erected in 1778, the imposing stone Bath Hotel and its natural hot springs were once popular with dignitaries and wealthy travelers. The island’s historic churches, including the lovely stone ruins of Cottle Church, are not be missed. The beautiful Botanical Gardens of Nevis are also well worth a visit.

2. Try A Killer Bee

Try A Killer Bee at Sunshine's Beach Bar & Grill

Try A Killer Bee at Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grill

Caribbean cruise vacationers often dream of chilling out at an island beach bar with a tropical drink in hand. Nevis is home to some of the best beach bars in the Caribbean. Conveniently located on Pinney’s Beach, Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grill has been frequently named as one of the Caribbean’s top five beach bars. This popular bar has created quite a buzz with its potent rum punch, The Killer Bee. Be careful not to drink too many and miss the boat – this bee packs quite a sting. “Sunshine,” the bar’s friendly owner, makes guests feel right at home and he’s a fantastic cook as well. Don’t miss his freshly grilled local lobster and mouthwatering barbecued ribs – they’re incredible. Other popular bars on Pinney’s Beach include Lime Beach Bar and Double Deuce.

3. Love the Lobster

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