Stateroom aboard Carnival Sunshine.

You’ve already made the best decision – deciding to go on a cruise. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a sailing pro, your next decision is an important one: what type of stateroom to book for your cruise. Each type of stateroom has its pros and cons. We’ve got you covered – here are 5 questions to ask yourself when you’re choosing a cruise stateroom.
1. How much money do I want to spend on my room? Here’s a quick crash course in cabin categories: there are several categories of cabins – inside, ocean view, balcony, suite, etc. – and within each category, there are several cabin types. Each category and cabin type costs a different price. As your category type goes up so does the cost. If cost is a factor, you’ll want to stick with a lower category stateroom. As an example, on a 4-day sailing in October, inside category rooms start at $149 a person while a balcony category room starts at $339 a person.
2. How much quiet do I want? This question helps to answer the location question. If you’re looking for complete quiet and relaxation, choose a cabin location away from the most popular places on the ship: the pool decks; the main lounges, the main dining rooms (and kitchens) and children’s clubs. If you want to be in the middle of the action, choose cabins closer to those areas. When looking at location, check out the deck plans of the ship. On one sailing, we accidently booked a cabin above the disco. Late into every night, the floor of our cabin was moving in time with the heavy bass. On our most recent sailing, we were on the deck above the main theater and could hear the music from the shows as we walked down the hallway.
3. How much walking do I want to do? If you’re on a larger cruise ship, or even a mega ship, this is an important question. The larger the ship – the more walking you’re doing to get from place to place. If you’re not able to walk as much or don’t want to exercise at all on your vacation, be sure to choose a room that’s central to

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