As I’m writing this, half the country is covered in snow, there are over 5,000 flight cancelations and everyone’s mind is on one thing – warm weather! The cold weather has even impacted us here in Jacksonville, Florida. We made the NBC Nightly news because we saw flurries for the first time in years. Enough about the coldNow more than ever we’re experiencing a shift in what people are doing with their vacation dollars and time. The cruise industry has always been gaining ground but nowadays I can’t get on Facebook without someone posting about or photos for a cruise (which I love to see)  So cruises must be more popular than ever, right?

5 Reasons to Book Your Cruise


1. New programs

Carnival Cruise Line has been the company trailblazing new programs on their ships, giving passengers a lot of options not only onboard, but off board too. Recently they launched Carnival Journeys, allowing you to take longer cruises while immersing yourself in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Central America and Mexico.Carnival Journeys EDITCarnival LIVE is another program that’s gaining a lot of popularity with bringing popular musical artists like Journey, Lady Antebellum, STYX and Martina Bridge aboard their ships, doing a show and giving guests a one-on-one experience.Read about Nancy Scretter’s Carnival LIVE experience here.

2. New deployments

Harmony of the Seas Photo credit: Royal Caribbean

Harmony of the Seas
Photo credit: Royal Car

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