1) Fathom is not your traditional cruise – and it’s not supposed to be.

Fathom isn’t just a cruise, it’s so much more. Yes, there’s a ship, a beautiful port, icy drinks, a pool, and other cool cruise features, but sailing with Fathom is more about helping others than pampering yourself. With Fathom, it’s not about the midnight buffet it’s all about love in action.

2) It’s not all hard work.

Contrary to internet rumors, booking a sailing with Fathom isn’t signing up for a nonstop workathon. Sure, the whole purpose of the cruise is working to help others, but even after a day of teaching 6th graders English or planting trees in a forest, there’s always time for a frosty drink by the pool or a run down Amber Cove’s zipline. Many of the Impact Activities will take up only 4-5 hours of each day, leaving plenty of time to enjoy your port, Amber Cove, or go back aboard Adonia for an afternoon nap.

3) You’ll be uncomfortable, but in a good way.

Part of the Fathom experience is going outside of your comfort zone. When sailing with Fathom, you’ll be challenged to open yourself to new opportunities, experiences, and people. You’ll soon find yourself doing things you may have never considered, such as pouring concrete floors for a family in Puerto Plata or building a new friendship with a fellow shipmate from a completely opposite walk of life. Fathom challenges us to #TravelDeep within ourselves to impact our own lives, and more importantly, others.

4) The Adonia is not your traditional cruise ship.

You won’t find a casino aboard Fathom’s Adonia. You won’t find beverage packages, formal nights, or bingo games either. These types of onboard experiences just don’t fit with the purpose of Fathom. Fathom isn’t selling a traditional vacation, nor is it seeking to rake in loads of onboard revenue. The Adonia, while still vital to the Fathom experience, isn’t the centerpiece. The Adonia is all about providing a comfortable way to sail from Miami to the people of the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Sure, there’s still deck parties and onboard entertainment, but don’t expect Adonia to be like every other cruise ship, expect a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of meaningful experiences around each corner.

5) Expect to be changed.

The Fathom experience isn’t a traditional vacation. It’s an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on people less fortunate than us, our fellow shipmates, ourselves, and our world. Whether you choose to give your time to help support local chocolatiers, replenish a mountainside forest, or teach English to local schoolchildren, it’s hard not be moved and changed. Taking time to give back to others is the greatest gift we can give others and ourselves. It’s truly amazing to see how a little action can change someone’s entire life. It’s even more amazing to see how that little action and reaction can change yourself. Sailing with Fathom is accepting an invitation to challenge ourselves, impact ourselves, and change the world.

If you like what you’ve just read and are ready to go make a difference in the world, be sure to check out Fathom for your next travel experience. It’s an experience that will truly change you and the world for the better.

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