Purchasing a cruise vacation is very simple to do, especially considering all of the different ways a booking can be made. Toll-free cruise line reservation centers, staffed by hundreds of cruise vacation planners, and a myriad of cruise line websites make researching availability and pricing quick and easy to do. Additionally, entering personal information, confirming details and making payments are standard and straightforward processes.
Ensuring that one’s cruise vacation will be successful, however, is another thing altogether. Cruise bookings are entirely different from airfare ticketing, rental car arrangements and hotel reservations, which, in most cases, require little to no professional training or experience to safeguard a pleasant and trouble-free experience. Cruise bookings require a heightened consideration of the many details, one that can surely benefit from a knowledgeable travel agent.
The following seven reasons explain how using a travel agent can help ensure a successful cruise, each and every time:

  1. Valuable Expertise – Experienced and professional travel agents (seek out CLIA-certified cruise agencies and counsellors) offer their clients valuable expertise to help create enjoyable and hassle-free cruise vacations. Sound advice on topics such as: the best time of year to sail in a particular region; which itineraries are best suited to a client’s interests; how certain cruise lines and ships match up with a client’s expectations; and strategic stateroom selection (vitally important to a successful cruise experience) is essential information that can be used to a client’s benefit. Other areas of travel agent expertise include organizing group cruises for clubs and organizations, catering to special interest clientele and providing unique, personal insight into ports-of-call and shore excursions.
  1. Exclusive Offers – Many travel agencie
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