When it comes to booking your cruise vacation you can save some serious money if you know what you’re doing. We’ve rounded up some of the ways to save money on your next cruise.

9 Money Saving Cruise Booking Tips

1. Buy Early
The best time to book your cruise is six to 12 months out. Also, a good rule of thumb is that when the kids are in school, the cruises are cheap.
Also, be sure you download the ShipMate App and set up a price alert so you’ll know when the price drops. You can read our article here.
2. Skip Cruise Line Air Packages
The cruise line air packages can sometimes give you the worst connections and the longest layovers. Consider booking the air on your own or through a consolidator for the best deals.
3. Befriend a Travel Agent
A travel agent is your at-sea advocate. A travel agent can be your best friend when it comes to saving money on a cruise. They know what you’re looking for and what cruise line you cruise. They are there for you with things like price drops or if a last minute problem arises.
4. Cruise Shoulder Seasons
You can score deep discounts on cruises by choosing to sail early or late in the cruise season. A couple of years ago I scored a cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line in Alaska for next to nothing because it was one of the last cruises of the season. And the weather was perfect!
5. Become a Shareholder 
If you buy 100 shares of Carnival Corporation or Royal Caribbean stock you get a shareholder perk of an onboard credit. For example, on Ro

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