This morning, I disembarked from my very first cruise.  We spent 3 nights on the Majesty of the Seas with ports in Coco Cay and Nassau before heading back to Miami.  It was almost exactly how I imagined a cruise would be, and it was a ton of fun!
Here are my 5 first impressions of cruising:

1. Freedom

It impressed me how when you cruise, your vacation really can be any way you want it to be.  There are activities throughout the day to enjoy on the ship, from dance classes to facial demonstrations to game shows.  You can play basketball, try your luck in the casino, or swim in the pool.
But if you don’t feel like going, going, going all day, you don’t have to.  Because you can also do absolutely nothing.  There were lots of people lounging around on deck chairs with a chilled drink, dipping their feet in the pool, or even taking a nap in their room (guilty).
When you’re in port, you can come and go from the ship as you please.  Even when it’s tendered, as long as you make it back in time for departure, you have the freedom to stay on the ship, or go to land, or a little bit of both.

2. Food

strawberry bisque
While the food was delicious, it’s not the taste that impressed me the most.  One thing that I’ve known for a long time, but never experienced until now, was the fact that when you’re on a cruise, almost all of the food on the ship is yours to try, and you can have as much as you want.  It’s so neat to me to be able to order things off a menu or graze on a buffet and not have to think about how much any of it costs.  It’s included in the fare, and that’s one thing that makes a cruise vacation so relaxing and fun.
There are, of course, specialty restaurants on board where you usually pay a fixed surcharge to enjoy the food served there.  The cool thing about those, though, is that almost always that single amount covers whatever you would like there, meaning that once you can pay it, the menu is all-you-can-eat.
On Majesty of the Seas, for example, there was a Johnny Rockets onboard, and it was $5.95 to eat as much as you want.

3. Size

Most cruise ships nowadays hold at least a few thousand people.  They’re quite literally like small floating cities.  It amazes me that a cruise ship can hold that many people to begin with.  It impresses me even more that it doesn’t feel crowded.
It’s fun because you’re on this journey with all these other people, and it’s cool to meet people and get to know them a little bit.  However, it can definitely be a little bit frustrating when everyone is trying to get to the buffet at the same time as you!

4. Easy Traveling

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