This picturesque town could easily be found gracing the cover of any travel magazine. Located just an hour away from the busy port of Naples, only a few cruisers know of this incredible little town. Hundreds of houses, shops, and most importantly restaurants crowd the hillsides of this quiet Italian village. Nestled in the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is home to just under 4,000 residents, a delectable clifftop restaurant, and a whole lot of lemons.

The Drive

Narrow roads along the Amalfi Coast.
Looking out at the Mediterranean.
One of the most incredible experiences this town has to offer is the drive to the town itself. As you drive from Naples towards Positano, you’ll soon leave the urban landscape of Naples behind and soon find yourself driving along the stunning Amalfi Coast. Each turn around a cliff brings a new view of small towns, scattered islands, and even Mount Vesuvius. During the drive, some areas only offer a few feet and a guard rail to separate you and your vehicle from the warm Mediterranean waters at the bottom of a towering cliff.
TIP: If you happen to find an available pull off along the ride, make sure you stop to take in the view and snap some photos.

The Town


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